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How To Treat Bronchitis - Healthy Child Without Antibiotics

Sergei AltukhovDear our readers! Now frequent bronchitis at children not always takes for serious danger. Well the child caught a cold. Well coughed … To whom does not happen? Alas. So often mothers of the sick child argue even. And only, when fits of coughing become more and more long, the alarm comes! But as often it comes with big lateness… And then words: bronchitis treatment in children become the talk of the town!

Mother already willy-nilly understands that tablet doctors cannot rescue of her child. The fear for the future of the child gets into soul to her … After all today the child has a cough and bronchitis. And tomorrow? Tomorrow can put the diagnosis - bronchial asthma! Asthma attacks will begin. The child will be put on a hormonal needle … Than it is better than narcotic?

How to treat bronchitis by Buteyko Breathing Method? Now mother is interested already these four mysterious words! She does not know yet what exactly is behind them. But she ALREADY sees in them HOPE! Unfortunately the great scientist Buteyko does not belong to the English-speaking World … Therefore his works do not flash in the English-speaking press.

Alas … Ingenious Buteyko works not really flash and in Russia. Where he made the Great Discovery … Mother still does not even know how it is called. After all Discovery of Diseases of deep Breath was not included into World encyclopedias yet! But only IT can give to her child a real bronchitis treatment! And Buteyko Breathing Method…

Mother starts looking for buteyko-practitioner. It appears that his to find not so simply. Buteyko Breathing Method - medicineless. And therefore tablet traders does not advertize it! But the sick child can be helped by only this method! And mother continues searches.

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Twice diplomaed Buteyko breathing method educator.
The senior educator - the inspector of Buteyko breathing method.
The author of the trilogy «Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery».
Sergey Altukhov.


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