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Bronchitis Treatment In Children With Drug-Free Buteyko Breathing

Sergei AltukhovDear our readers! Today at us is the sixth meeting of at Buteyko fireplace will take place. My name is Sergey Altukhov. I am the direct disciple of academician Buteyko. The theme of our meeting today will be "Bronchitis treatment in children".

Everything begins, it seems, with usual cold The child suddenly began to cough. The doctor registers antibiotics. Cough gradually decreases. But. There passes a little time and the child again catches a cold. The problem of bronchitis treatment in children rises before you again.

You again go to the doctor. To you again Appoint antibiotics! And after all they are harmful to a children's organism. Especially, when they are accepted often But what it is necessary to do to mother when her child it seems and does not catch a cold already, but But all the same at night coughs! Mother worries. She conducts the child already to other doctor But the picture repeats. And other doctor again writes out similar drugs! And cough does not disappear at night!

Why so occurs? Only because tablet doctors DO NOT KNOW the main reason of bronchitis! It is not cold. It is - DEEP BREATH of your child! It seems, the international conferences on Buteyko Breathing Method are held for a long time. In the warm city of Sydney, Buteyko-practitioners from all over the world gather in Australia

Is there and doctors. Some days everything listen to reports on successful bronchitis treatment in children. Attendees admire by achievements of medicineless Buteyko Breathing Method. Some participants even wipe tears from affection.

Conferences come to an end with a storm of applause. Participants come back to the their countries. Mother conducts the patient with bronchitis of the child to the doctor, and there And there AGAIN write out only expensive cough medicine! Why? After all Buteyko Breathing Method is such simple. To sit on a chair. And silently to breathe Exclusively! But tablet doctors do not use this method Why? Means to someone is very favourably to sell expensive drugs In that case it is necessary to learn the drug-free Buteyko Breathing Method at once! And help your child to become free of antibiotics and disease.

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Twice diplomaed Buteyko breathing method educator.
The senior educator - the inspector of Buteyko breathing method.
The author of the trilogy Doctor Buteykos Discovery.
Sergey Altukhov.

Video Bronchitis Treatment IN CHILDREN With DRUG-FREE Buteyko Breathing:

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