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Bronchial asthma treatment with Buteyko Breathing Method

Sergei AltukhovDear our readers! My name is Sergey Altukhov. I am the direct pupil and the follower of the great scientific physiologist Konstantin Buteyko since 1987. I lived with him in Novosibirsk the scientific town on the neighboring streets. Was Buteyko's deputy according to information in the Siberian Buteyko breathing Centre. I am the author of the art and documentary novel - trilogy "Doctor Buteyko Discovery". I am the diplomaed Buteyko practitioner. The experience of my work makes 27 years. For writing of the trilogy Buteyko awarded me with the rank of Buteyko methodologist - the auditor . This is general rank in Buteyko movement. It gives the right of check of work of other Buteyko practitioners.

As the deputy of Buteyko according to information I personally participated in development of a classical practical training on Buteyko Breathing Method. Alas. 3 may 2003 years Great Buteyko died. And many Buteyko practitioners around the world began to forget precepts of the Ingenious scientist Began to distort his classical technique roughly Instead of three classical trainings across Buteyko often give only the third-worst training. Training of "nose plugs"! And those Buteyko practitioners which give also the first training, can not always correctly explain it Nevertheless great Buteyko gave the instructions in Russian. And English-speaking Buteyko practitioners are spoken English. And some subtleties of a technique involuntarily escape from of their understanding of the translation.

Today terrible asthma and bronchitis torment children and adults on all Planet! All they need in Bronchial asthma treatment. But Buteyko Breathing Method can rescue these unfortunate people. Only under one condition. Sick people must have to receive a true, classical technique of Buteyko Breathing! I with a big regret read reports of the western conferences on Buteyko Breathing Method. Only some time there glorified a name of the Ingenious scientist . But soon began to say that Buteyko and his theory of shortage of CO2 in a human organism - allegedly Became outdated. That is important not to save CO2". It is important to lift the NITROGEN role

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Twice diplomaed Buteyko breathing method educator.
The senior educator - the inspector of Buteyko breathing method.
The author of the trilogy Doctor Buteykos Discovery.
Sergey Altukhov.

Video Bronchial Asthma Treatment with Buteyko Breathing Technique:

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