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Buteyko Breathing Method -
Freedom from Drugs, Hormones and Surgeries.

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In 1952 the Russian scientist, doctor Konstantin Buteyko has made Revolutionary Discovery in the field of medicine - it had been found the main reason of occurrence and development of asthma, obstructive bronchitis, arterial hypertension, and also group of the diseases caused by infringement of a metabolism in a human body.

K.P.Buteyko has incontestably proved:

  1. The main reason of development of the most widespread diseases is excessive depth of breath of the patientwhich leads to deep infringement of function of the basic regulators of the metabolism, a proof spasm of smooth muscles of a vascular wall and a bronchial tree.

  2. 95 % of the patients, suffering from bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and a metabolic syndrome have the excessive depth of breath surpassing physiological norm, necessary for a healthy organism and expressed by known values of respiratory volume.

K.P. Buteyko has scientifically proved all positions of the theory and has developed Unique in own way the method of treatment based on gradual normalisation of depth of breath of the patient and allowing in the shortest terms, without use of medicines, to stimulate development of proof remission and recover. With the purposes of definition of clinical efficiency of the Buteyko Breathing Method the number of the State approbations which have shown good results at treatment of variety of diseases both in the form of monotherapy and as a part of complex therapy is spent. The official recognition of the Buteyko Method Ministry of Health of the USSR and its inclusion in the standard of clinical therapy became on April, 30th, 1985 as result.

The state documents:

  1. Recommendations of Scientific Medical Council of Ministry of Health of the USSR about application of the Buteyko Breathing Method in clinical practice from 5/15/1982
  2. Recommendations of the State committee of the USSR about affairs of inventions and discoveries about introduction of the Buteyko Breathing Method from 6/27/1983
  3. The order of Ministry of Health of the USSR on introduction of the Buteyko Breathing Method in medical practice from 4/30/1985
  4. The decision of Ministerial council of the USSR 161 from 2/5/1987
  5. The letter of Central administrative board of public health services of Moscow from 11/19/1987. Methodical recommendations of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (1 Moscow medical institute of I.M.Sechenova (the Moscow medical academy), Moscow, 1986; NII Ministry of Health of RSFSR and CNII Ministry of Health of the USSR, Moscow, 1987)

The State approbations of the Buteyko Breathing Method:

  1. Approbation of the Buteyko Breathing Method for treatment sick of a Bronchial Asthma (all-union scientific research institute of Pulmonology of Ministry of Health of the USSR, 1968)
  2. Approbation of the Buteyko Breathing Method for treatment of Children sick of an Asthma (1st Moscow state medical university of I.M.Sechenova, 1981)
  3. The state approbation of the Buteyko Breathing Method for treatment of patients, which were subjected to Radiation Influence on the Chernobyl atomic power station (Institute of clinical radiology of Academy of Medical Sciences of USSR)
  4. The state approbation of the Buteyko Breathing Method for treatment of the patients amazed with a Virus of AIDS (the Kiev scientific research institute epidemiology and infectious diseases of L.V.Gromashevsky)

A Quick Test of Buteyko Discovery

One of most model experiments capable in short terms practically to prove injuriousness of deep breath is deeply respiratory test. To be convinced of fatal influence of deep breath on an organism it is enough to execute following actions:

  1. Put a chair in the middle of a room.
  2. Sit down on it. (To you always said that deep breathing is very useful. Let's check up.)
  3. Open a mouth. Also start to breathe very much, very deeply. Swallow the air by a mouth as much as possible literally! (To you said, what it is useful to breathe deeply - swallow of this advantage greedily.)
  4. You should so strenuously to swallow of air by a mouth of minutes five. It is necessary to swallow it from all force!! This experiment is called - deeply respiratory test. If you will hold on so all five minutes and receive improvement of the condition, then Then Dr. Buteyko enemies are right! Then deep breathing is useful. And Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing is - simply deceit.

But, if in three minutes to you becomes badly If you will begin feel sick. If the head is turned. If pressure rises If you even faint Then, means that those who speaks about advantage of deep breathing, lie! And what for to you to listen to lie?... What for then to take recipes on expensive medicines from of those who lies?... Do this simple experiment. It will be better, if it will be done at once by five or ten persons in one room. I assure you - nine persons from ten will tell that it became bad to them! That's all! That's all proofs at once! And we were deceived by tens years! Genius Dr. Buteyko has dispelled this deceit forever.

How To Learn The Buteyko Breathing Method?
Registration for training to the Buteyko Breathing Method with reception of The Practical Video-Course of the Buteyko Breathing Method is opened.
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The entre of effective training to the Buteyko Breathing Method
has been based in January, 2005

Sergei Altukhov The Centre of effective training to the Buteyko Breathing Method has been based in Russian Krasnodar Region in connection with moving there from Novosibirsk the diplomaed Buteyko-practicioner Sergey Altukhov. It was one of the first employees of the Novosibirsk "Buteyko Breathing" Centre. It has been based in November 1987 over which the author of method WLDB (strong-willed liquidation of deep breath or Buteyko Breathing Method), the known scientist and physiologist Konstantin Buteyko supervised. From the ordinary Buteyko-practicioner Sergey Altukhov has reached a post of the vice-president under the information and propagation. Is the author of the very first volume product about the Buteyko Breathing - the documentary novel-trilogy "Doctor Buteyko Discovery".

For today the Centre of effective training to the Buteyko Breathing Method is unique establishment of nonconventional medicine which professionally uses the Buteyko Breathing for treatment of such horrible diseases of a civilisation, as a bronchitis, a bronchial asthma, an allergy, a pneumonia, chronic vasomotor rhinitis, a hypertension, a stenocardia, a female pathology e.c.t.r...

Only the Buteyko Breathing Method, for the first time for all history of medicine, has appeared capable to win adenoids without surgical operation. Buteyko Breathing rescues children from frequent colds literally, warns development of adenoids, helps children to become strong and healthy members of our society. Buteyko Breathing is real and a quick help for those who suffers a hypertension and a stenocardia. It is enough to mention that K.P.Buteyko in October, 1952 has rescued himself by this method from killing the person in a current of year of a malignant hypertension.

The Centre of effective training to the Buteyko Method sets as the purpose coverage of sick any regions to which trips on treatment are undesirable. And consequently the basic mode of study in our Centre is - Internet-Correspondence with reception of The Practical Video-Course of the Buteyko Breathing Method | Read more about the course>>.

Twice diplomaed Buteyko-practicioner,
the author of the Doctor Buteyko Discovery trilogy,
the director "The Centre of effective training
to the Buteyko Breathing Method"
Sergey Altukhov

History of The Deep Breating Illnesses Discovery

Dear our readers! My name is Sergey Altukhov. I am the direct pupil and the follower of the great scientific physiologist Konstantin Buteyko since 1987. I lived with him in Russian City Novosibirsk on the neighboring streets. Was Buteyko's deputy according to information in the Siberian Buteyko breathing Centre. I am the author of the art and documentary novel-trilogy "Doctor Buteyko Discovery". I am the diplomaed Buteyko practitioner. The experience of my work makes 27 years. For writing of the trilogy Buteyko awarded me with the rank of Buteyko methodologist - the auditor . This is general rank in Buteyko movement. It gives the right of check of work of other Buteyko practitioners.

At now already it is known a little about what illnesses treats or rather essentially facilitates Buteyko breathing method. Treats and facilitates without a knife and tablets. In total these illnesses 115. We name here the cores. It first of all: bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive bronchitis, pneumonia, hypertension, hypotonia, stenocardia, diabetes, infringements of menstrual cycle, fibromiomas, mastopathy, radiation sickness, etc.

Only 115 illnesses. (Their full list look more >>). But what illnesses?!! These are cores illnesses of our civilization!!

Academician Konstantin Buteyko has made Grandiose medical Discovery!! This is Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing! The scientist has made this Discovery still on October, 7th, 1952. There have passed 58 years. But the wide world (till now!) almost anything does not know about this greatest medical discovery of our era!!

Why so occurs? Yes because scientists do not live eternally If to Dr. Buteyko the destiny has presented at least two terms of human life! Then he would have time to tell to people more about of the Discovery of Deep breathing Illnesses!!

In what it consists? It appears what deeply to breathe is harmfully!! Whether - sounds the lie it is improbable. So much years learnt all of us that deep breathing is very useful! How many times we heard in the mornings by radio: the Breath Deep, hands is wider. Heard? Certainly heard! In addition not once and not two And now 90 more % of citizens of the civilised world consider , it is very useful what deeply to breathe!! And after all Konstantin Buteyko has made Discovery of Deep breathing Illnesses still on October, 7th, 1952. In Russia. In Moscow. On watch in the hospital. Has passed already almost sixty (!) years, and people do till now the surprised eyes when hear about Dr. Buteyko Discovery!!

Why it occurs? First of all because Dr. Buteyko has created a wonderful method on the basis of his own Discovery! It is a method of volitional liquidation of deep breathing. VEDB method! This method treats or essentially facilitates about 115 diseases of our civilisation. What is not pleasant to Konstantin Buteyko opponents? Why the method is ignored by many years? Yes because it is method medicineless!! And the pharmaceutical industry - is huge force. And this force does the basic capitals on sale of medicines What for it medicinalless the method of academician Buteyko?!

From the moment of Deep breathing Illnnesses Discovery has passed already almost sixty years. But what people have learnt about the method of academician Buteyko for these years? Also has learnt only one population percent. But also this percent of people knows only that the method of academician Buteyko as if a little treats a bronchial asthma! Only!! But allow, misters And how the others 115 diseases? Where are a diabetes, an allergy, a female pathology? Where are a hypertension and a hypotonia? About these diseases, that they are subject to the method of academician Buteyko anybody does not know almost.

But, boys Let's live in peace and friendship! Why speak only about simplification of an asthma? After all Dr. Buteyko has made the legendary discovery not on an asthma!! In 1952 Dr. Buteyko died from of a malignant hypertension! And to him was then only 29 years To live oh as it would be desirable!!

And, nevertheless, rescue was not! 1952 declined. Dr. Buteyko has more recently finished the Moscow medical institute. Has finished with distinction. He was not simply the student. Buteyko was the head of a course. And it speaks about much. On this place put especially dear students.

Upon termination of medical institute he have left in postgraduate study at chair of well-known academician Evgenie Mihajlovich Tareev. English-speaking readers now can and not estimate this name. But one only enumeration of its titles and awards will open eyes to any. Lenin's three awards!! These are very high awards in Soviet Union in 1952. The award of the Labour Red Banner - is the second for degree of importance an award in Soviet Union. An award of October revolution. An award of Friendship of the people. Numerous medals. At last the Higher award in the Soviet Union - the Gold Star of the Hero of Socialist Work!! One this - last award speaks for itself more loudly any words.

The Hero of Soviet Union give only for very outstanding feats! For fighting or labour feats. And here such person, the academician of academy of Medical sciences, took Konstantin Buteyko to himself in pupils. Means was for what to take Academician Tareev was the great therapist of that time. He could cure very much serious illnesses. But even he (!!) despite of all his merits , even academician Tareev could do nothing with a malignant hypertension!...

If someone from readers does not understand that the term-malignant a hypertension means I will explain. Normal pressure at absolutely healthy person is considered 120 on 80 millimetres. If pressure 130 on 90 the military medical commission can already reject the person. I took part in such commission. Also saw, how rejected guys who wanted to work in police. Now doctors suppose such pressure. But the norm 120 on 80 remains. If the person has pressure 160 on 110 (even during separate attacks) his consider as already chronic hypertensive person. And to live to such person it is rather hard. He accepts a heap of medicines. The head is ill at him. At him kidneys spoil. And so on

If at the person pressure 180 on 130 (it is even not constant, and during frequent attacks) he can die from of a sudden heart attack or a stroke And such pressure happens basically at people after 40 years. Konstantin Buteyko was only 29 years old in 1952. And pressure (during very frequent attacks) at him was 260 on 150!!! Here it also is called - a malignant hypertension!

With such pressure long do not live. Within a year the person often dies from of a malignant hypertension. So in 1952 young scientist Konstantin Buteyko should die And even his well-known mentor academician-therapist Evgenie Mihajlovich Tareev could make nothing for rescue of the pupil!! Buteyko on the sly suggested to write the will and to put in order the terrestrial affairs

Estimate, dear readers the given situation. Illness of young scientist-physician Konstantin Buteyko was so strong that him not be helped even by the most well-known academicians-physicians of that time! Here what hypertension at him was And still in the night from 7 for October, 8th, 1952 Dr. Buteyko has made the Greatest Discovery in medicine of last centuries! Discovery of Illnesses of Deep Breathing!! And at once - the same night (!) has won terrible - incurable before illness. He has won even the Malignant hypertension What then to speak about a victory over a hypertension usual?

How it has occurred? Dr. Buteyko was on watch in the clinic at Pokrovskye gate. Moscow. Evening on October, 7th, 1952. He did recently detour of patients. He was accompanied by young students and students. They so were surprised to ability of the young post-graduate student instantly to make the correct diagnosis to the patient literally at first sight. Checked on stories of illnesses. All converged!

And here there was an incident Towards to their group there was a sick guy of years of twenty two. He deeply breathed by an open mouth. So it is deep, what even his hospital pyjamas waved on it, as from a wind. Here, dear students, before you is an example of the typical asthmatic! Dr. Buteyko has loudly declared. The error in its opinion has been excluded. So asthmatics breathe only. But, alas, this time to him has not carried The patient has braked near Buteyko. He did not begin to dishonour him before beautiful students. And has said in low tones to him almost in an ear. Excuse, the doctor. But you were mistaken At me is not an asthma. At me is a malignant hypertension .

It was shock!!!. Shock for the ambitious young post-graduate student. So to swear at one another. Own illness not to distinguish. Buteyko has soon left students. Has left to himself in interns room and began to reflect. As a result of these reflexions the method of volitional elimination of deep breathing was born.

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